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IECG: The International Email Chess Group
IECG: free email and web server chess for all players


We are a professionally run organisation offering free email and web server chess for players of all standard.

We have been providing free email chess since 1994. Beeing always at the front end of new developments in 2002 we started to offer our server tournaments.

IECG Registration Form

Fill in the form and when you are finished press the send button. You will then be contacted by our Tutorial Office: In a first step your basic knowledge of email transmission, PGN notation and timekeeping rules will be checked. If nessesary you will be assigned to a tutor helping you making the first steps to becom a full member. Have a look at our tutorial document in advance if you wish!

Please carefully check your email address as you typed it before sending, since this is the only way for us to come back to you!! Many registrations are lost because of misprints.

Last (Family) Name:    

First (Given) Name:     

Email Address:            


Year of Birth (yyyy):    

Your Chess History (please detail in which organizations you played,
current national or international rating and any relevant information
about your chess strength):

[WARNING! If you don't fill in details of your chess history you will be
automatically entered into our Class N with a TER (Tournament Entry Rating,
provisional) of 800 ELO!!!]



iecg 2004 WC

Andreas Strangmüller is the 2004 IECG World Champion. Andreas won his title in tournament WC-2004-F-00001 loosing no game and finally finished the tournament with 10½ points.

All of his games are presented for your playback and download!.

Final Table

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Thank you for visiting us.
IECG: The International Email Chess Group