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IECG: The International Email Chess Group
IECG: free email and web server chess for all players


We are a professionally run organisation offering free email and web server chess for players of all standard.

We have been providing free email chess since 1994. Beeing always at the front end of new developments in 2002 we started to offer our server tournaments.

Welcome to IECG !

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Andreas Strangmüller new IECG world champion

After a win of Andreas Strangmüller in his last game against Jorge Rodriguez, the former IECG champion, in tournament WC-2004-Final-00001  Andreas is the new IECG worldchampion. He finally scored 10.5 points out of 14 not loosing one single game. Andreas, accept our warmest congatulations regarding this outstanding result ! 

IECG launches its 23rd thematic tournament

IECG announces the next thematic event: TE-2006-P-023xx

Sicilian Alapin's variation [B22] - 1.e4 c5 2.c3

Sicilian Alapin's variation [B22]

All members are welcome to register to this open email tournament.
Registration are accepted until November 30th 2006.
The games start on December 14th, 2006.

IECG Cup 2006

IECG Cup Entries are now closed . The tournament has started with almost 650 players.


iecg 2004 WC

Andreas Strangmüller is the 2004 IECG World Champion. Andreas won his title in tournament WC-2004-F-00001 loosing no game and finally finished the tournament with 10½ points.

All of his games are presented for your playback and download!.

Final Table

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IECG: The International Email Chess Group