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IECG: The International Email Chess Group
IECG: free email and web server chess for all players


We are a professionally run organisation offering free email and web server chess for players of all standard.

We have been providing free email chess since 1994. Beeing always at the front end of new developments in 2002 we started to offer our server tournaments.

IECG Class Tournaments Office Page

The class tournaments office (CTO) is responsible for collecting members entry requests and launching standard class tournaments / single round robin /7 men format. Since June 1999, the CTO is held by
Feel free to contact me if your have ideas or questions. The last section of this page is a FAQ relative to the CTO and I would be glad to see it grow based on your feedback. The tasks inside the CTO are:
    • handle the requests from the members, and manage the waiting list. This involves much checking in our databases to ensure that every request is valid.
    • during launch week-ends, create the formated starting lists, assign a tournament secretary to each new group and do the appropriate mailing to the players and secretaries.
    • manage the Tournament Secretaries ressources: means keeping track of the workload of each TS and takes into account the personal wishes of the staff mermbers.

    Some stats: Class tournaments are launched on an average of 4 groups every week. On the average I receive about 30 new entries each week, and added to the people who were on the waiting lists, this makes a total of 100 request to process for building new groups every 3 weeks. Processing of new tournaments:: Web or mail requests are collected and processed on week-ends.

    FIRST STAGE - checking against our member database:

    • any unregistered player is anwered in an individual message that provides an introduction to IECG and gives the main entry points to our Tutorial Office
    • any suspended member's request is rejected, but an individual message informs him of his situation
    • all valid requests are then queued, along with the rating and the date of entry

    SECOND STAGE - the tournaments are created :
    • normally each entry is considered by order of entry date (the oldest first). For CM ans CS events, which are title tournaments, additional delay may be required in order to build groups that offers better opportinuties for high title norms. CS groups will be built at the discretion of the TD. A player with 2350+ rating can be enlisted in a CM or CS group. The tournament is filled until 7 men are reached, with the constraints below
    • no more than 2 players from the same country if possible.
    • no more than 2 promoted players.
    • the rating average of the tournament must be higher than the minimum requisite of the level:
      • 2350 for level S
      • 2200 for level M
      • 2000 for level A
      • 1800 for level B
      • 1600 for level C
      • 1400 for level D
      • 1200 for level E
      • 1000 for level F
      • No minimum for level N
      Promoted players have the lowest priority to be enlisted in a groups when the constraints below must be fulfilled. Their waiting time may be longer than the average.
      After these two stages, the waiting list is updated on the web site.

    THIRD STAGE - the mailing is done :

    • Each complete group is assigned a secretary. We have a pool of volunteers who act as secretaries. All of them have been trained for the job. I keep track of the workload of the TSes and tries to best share the work
    • a formated starting list is created, and is sent to every participant and the secretary. This mailing work requires much attention as you may guess, and it is done usually during week-ends
    Statistics and average waiting times:

    Here are the number of tournaments started in each level in 4 years, between 2002 and 2005:


    Level    2002   2003  2004  2005

    M        44     30    28    29       
    A        49     33    30    20
    B        41     38    26    19
    C        32     30    27    20       
    D        31     22    18    14
    E        24     22    16    11
    F        26     15    12    10
    N        42     38    30    26

    Total    289    228   187   149


    From this statistic we know that we start a tournament 2 weeks for the most popular (CM, CN), and about a tournament every 5 weeks for the less popular levels (CE,CF). Of course your actual waiting time may be quite different of the average. It will be shorter if you arrive in a group which is almost filled up, it will be longer if some entries are cancelled or some criterions explained above are not met in the group. But the average figures should give you a right estimation most of the time. Frequently asked questions:

    • How do I register for a class tournament and what feedback may I expect ?

    The best method for requesting a class tournament is to go to our web entry form on the IECG web site, fill in the fields and submit the form. I shall receive your request via an automatic email, and you should receive a carbon copy of this message. If not, then you have probably mistyped your address and you should resubmit a new request, but telling in the comment field that this is a repeat only (for not being enlisted twice).

    The other method is to , using the form below (copy/paste it in your message and fill in the blanks) :

       IECG ID Number (important!):
       First & Last Name:          
       Email address:              

       I wish to join a tournament Class Tournament (7 players, 6 games)

    Please note: the web entry form is the preferred way to register, because an automatic procedure collects the data, so the handling is faster for me. Thanks!

    • On the CT waiting list page, there are enough players in the queue to build a new group. Why don't you launch this group ?

    Sometimes, more than 7 players are waiting in the queues instead of making a full group. This is because these players are not eligible to play together, due to special constraints explained above (country, promotion, minimum average rating).
    • why do you update the CT waiting list page only once every 3 weeks ?

    Because I receive 5-10 requests per day, and it is difficult to offer the exact status of the queues at any given time. Furthermore, I need to have a good number of players in the waiting pool to have some flexibility in the choice of the players, so, in short, to build better groups.
    • I am rated 1050, so why do you have enlisted me in a CN group ?


    Take care of the difference between the provisional rating, and the tournament entry rating. Newcomers are given an initial rating of 800 if they have never been rated elsewhere before. This rating of 800 will be used to determine which tournament you attend, and this fact won't change until you have finished at least 15 games. So before you have 15 rated games within IECG, your tournament entry possibilities are dictated by your initial rating (and promotion tickets). When you have completed 15 rated games, your provisional rating becomes your established rating which is used for tournaments entries. In your case, 1050 is your provisional rating, and 800 is still your tournament entry rating as you have not completeed 15 games. So I must use 800 to select a group for you, thus a CN group.
    (this explanation is of course tranposable for all classes and initial ratings)


Thank you for visiting us.
IECG: The International Email Chess Group