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IECG: The International Email Chess Group
IECG: free email and web server chess for all players


We are a professionally run organisation offering free email and web server chess for players of all standard.

We have been providing free email chess since 1994. Beeing always at the front end of new developments in 2002 we started to offer our server tournaments.

About IECG !

The International Email Chess Group began in 1994 with just 12 players led by Lisa Powell. This was an ambitious project to provide free email chess tournaments to players of all standard. Email was a relatively new method of transmitting correspondence chess moves and the founding members were determined to provide high quality services at no cost, thus trying to ensure that all players would have an opportunity to play by email.

By December 1995 IECG had grown at a fast pace and had 2,200 members in 65 countries around the world. On the 22nd of February we registered our 2,000th new member! As Otto Vodep registered it became clear that IECG was a tremendous success borne out of the the hard work and ideals of a free correspondence chess organisation.

In 1995 the ICCF congress asked IECG to provide ICCF email events. These events were known as the ICCF Email Championship and ICCF Email Cup, start date was January 1996.

By May 1996 it became clear that IECG had been too succesful and its mangement were under tremendous strain. IECG almost collapsed as its founders could not cope, Lisa Powell left and formed the now well established IECC. Roberto Alvarez among other enthusiastics revived IECG and in August 1996 IECG resumed tournaments.

In October 1997 the English Grandmaster Simon Webb, tied with GM Juan Morgado to win the first IECG Email World Championship.

By 1998 IECG had grown membership to 3,900 members and has since established itself as a reliable provider of high quality tournaments.

Now today we are close to 15.000 members and IECG offers a wide range of tournaments that include the IECG World Championship, IECG Cup, Class Tournaments, Thematics, Quads, Two Game and Server Tournaments. Our games archive provides the CC community with more than 112.500 games played within IECG and this tremendous success clearly shows IECG nowadays is one of the driving forces in the internet CC community.

Despite all difficulties in the past IECG over 10 years after the reorganisation still offers the CC players all arround the world a professional driven place to play. And do not forget: With the help of many hard working volunteers IECG offers all of this for free !




iecg 2004 WC

Andreas Strangmüller is the 2004 IECG World Champion. Andreas won his title in tournament WC-2004-F-00001 loosing no game and finally finished the tournament with 10½ points.

All of his games are presented for your playback and download!.

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IECG: The International Email Chess Group