IECG Server C Tournaments

Update:9th November, 2009

Below is the list of the IECG Server C tournaments. Grey shaded tournaments are stored in the archive. This is done for all tournaments which ended before 2008. Click the link and the archive page will be shown.

SC-2008-0-00001 SC-2008-0-00002 SC-2008-0-00003 SC-2008-0-00004 SC-2008-0-00005
SC-2008-0-00006 SC-2008-0-00007 SC-2008-0-00008 SC-2008-0-00009 SC-2008-0-00010
SC-2008-0-00011 SC-2008-0-00012 SC-2008-0-00013 SC-2008-0-00014 SC-2008-0-00015
SC-2008-0-00016 SC-2008-0-00017 SC-2008-0-00018 SC-2008-0-00019 SC-2008-0-00020
SC-2008-0-00021 SC-2008-0-00022 SC-2008-0-00023 SC-2008-0-00024 SC-2009-0-00025
SC-2009-0-00026 SC-2009-0-00027 SC-2009-0-00028 SC-2009-0-00029 SC-2009-0-00030
SC-2009-0-00031 SC-2009-0-00032 SC-2009-0-00033 SC-2009-0-00034 SC-2009-0-00035
SC-2009-0-00036 SC-2009-0-00037 SC-2009-0-00038 SC-2009-0-00039 SC-2009-0-00040
SC-2009-0-00041 SC-2009-0-00042 SC-2009-0-00043 SC-2009-0-00044 SC-2009-0-00045

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