IECG Team 2005 Tournaments

Update:14th August, 2009

This page contains links to the different groups of the CFC Team Turnament!

MZ-2004-1-00001 MZ-2004-1-00002
MZ-2004-2-00001 MZ-2004-2-00002
MZ-2004-3-00001 MZ-2004-3-00002
MZ-2004-4-00001 MZ-2004-4-00002
MZ-2004-5-00001 MZ-2004-5-00002
MZ-2004-6-00001 MZ-2004-6-00002

If you have questions, please contact your TS (see address in your crosstable) or the Giovanni Sulis (tdthematic [@]

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