IECG Cup 2009 Preliminary Entry Form

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General Information

Here you can request an entry to the IECG Cup 2009 Tournament. Please read the full page before filling and sending the registration form at the bottom. The preliminary round of the IECG Cup 2009 will start on October 1st, 2009 with a yet unknown number of groups, each group consisting of 7 players. All IECG members may enter; only one entry is allowed per player.

The Cup XV will consist of 4 stages:

Preliminary 01.10.2009 31.10.2010
Quarter-final 15.01.2011 15.02.2012
Semi-final 01.04.2012 01.05.2013
Final 01.07.2013 No end date set

In all stages except for the Finals all games still unfinished after 13 months will be adjudicated. The first two players in each preliminary group qualify for the quarter-final stage; ties are broken by the Sonneborn-Berger System.
The IECG Cup winner and the runner-up qualify directly for the next IECG Cup finals. The Cup winner also qualifies for the IECG World Championship Final. All other players in the Cup Final A qualify directly for the next Semi-final stage.
For the preliminaries you are given the choice to play either by email or on the server. Please indicate your preference in the registration form below. We will usually be able follow your preference, but we cannot guarantee it.

Good luck and best regards!

Allan Ong - IECG Cup Tournament Director
Goran Griknic - Cup Quarter Finals Officer
Jean-Luc Duriez - Cup Prelims Officer.

Registration Schedule

Opening Date of Registrations 17 August 2009
Closing Date of Registrations 21 September 2009 (after that date, registrations go to the replacement list)
Tournament Start Date 1 October 2009

Instructions for applications

The registrations for the IECG Cup 2009 are now closed.

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