IECG Registration and Tutorial Office

This page gives updates on the structure of the IECG Registration and Tutorial Office and provides the entry point to our registration page.


Registration procedure

  1. New members register with the registration form online (see below)
  2. If necessary the Tutorial Office assigns them to the tutors, and receives the final reports from them
  3. The Tutorial Office sends the "promotion files" to the Rating Officer
  4. A new member becomes an "established member" of IECG once he receives his IECG ID and his initial rating has been confirmed by the Rating Officer
New members are encouraged at the moment of their registration to give us all information about their chess experience. An established rating with national or international organizations (including Internet Chess Servers) will be considered their initial rating with IECG once they pass the Training/Evaluation program. In those cases where a previous rating is not available, step 4 above refers to the option that is given to a new member who just passed the T/E: either to enter rated competitions right away at the entry level of 800.

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