Frequently Asked Questions
for the use of IECG Tournament Secretaries

This document is a complement to the official IECG Tournament Rules, and provides practical solutions for everyday problems that the TS may face. If some point in the rules seems unclear for you, there is a big chance that you will find explanations in the FAQ. The FAQ compilation is based on the experience of our best specialists in tournament management, and should provide a comprehensive guideline to the usual and less usual tournament secretary’s tasks. Its contents are approved by proper IECG instances.

Latest update of the TS FAQ: 04 October 2008, based on IECG rules 7.0

The TS FAQ is now available only as a PDF document: click here download the ZIP file (337k)
Simply unzip this file with your usual tool, and use Acrobat Reader to read it and/or print it.

Acrobat Reader is a very popular freeware distributed by Adobe Corporation. There are big chances that you have it already installed on your PC. If not, the check on your CD collection - it is usually included along with many commercial bundles where the electronic documents are in PDF format. It is also often present on CDs coming with computer magazines. You can also download it from Adobe (the program is sized about 10Mb).

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