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IECG: The International Email Chess Group
IECG: free email and web server chess for all players


We are a professionally run organisation offering free email and web server chess for players of all standard.

We have been providing free email chess since 1994. Beeing always at the front end of new developments in 2002 we started to offer our server tournaments.

IECG Tournament Results

If you are interested in the old and/or latest results of tournaments run by IECG you are at the right place. Just follow the link to the Tournament category you are interested in!

Please note that tournaments, which have finished at least two years ago, are no longer available online. We put those files into ZIP-Archives and make these archives available for download.

Please Note: The results entered in the crosstables are based on information from the Tournament Secretaries. When the results are entered into the rating database, then the new crosstables are automatically created. Please claim missing results with your TS first, before contacting me! If you contact your TS or myself, please ALWAYS include your IECG MemberID!! Thanks,

Ortwin Paetzold

IECG Server Tournaments ( upto 13 Players)

Server T Server H
Server I Server L
Server N


IECG Rapid Tournaments (7 Players) - New Version

Rapid T
Rapid H Rapid I Rapid L
Rapid N (new Version)

IECG Open Server Tournaments (5 Players)

Open Tournaments


IECG Server Two-Game-Matches

Server ZH

Server ZI

Server ZL

Server ZN

IECG Rapid Tournaments (7 Players) - Old Version , discontinued

Rapid M

Rapid A

Rapid 1

Rapid B

Rapid C

Rapid 2

Rapid D

Rapid E

Rapid 3

Rapid F

Rapid O (was Rapid N)


Further IECG Tournaments

Friends Invitational - discontinued

Two-Game-Matches Tournaments -- Discontinued Server Tournaments

CFC-Q CFC-Knockouts Championships

CFC Championship 2003 CFC Championship 2004 CFC Championship 2005 Rapid Tournaments

CFC Rapids 2003 CFC Rapids 2004 CFC Rapids 2005 Cup Tournaments

CFC Cup 2004 CFC Cup 2005 League

CFC League 2004

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iecg 2004 WC

Andreas Strangmüller is the 2004 IECG World Champion. Andreas won his title in tournament WC-2004-F-00001 loosing no game and finally finished the tournament with 10½ points.

All of his games are presented for your playback and download!.

Final Table

Playback All Games

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IECG: The International Email Chess Group