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The quad tournaments office (QTO) is responsible for collecting members entry requests and launching quad tournaments.

A quad tournament is one in which four players play two games simultaneously against each of three opponents, one game with the White pieces and another with the Black pieces. Each player thus plays six games.

Quad tournaments are very popular among our members, between 3 and 5 tournaments being started each week. On average we receive around 2 or 3 new entries each day, and it is a source of pride to keep the waiting time on the lists to an absolute minimum.

The QTO is maintained by Allan Ong ( Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or fresh ideas. The last section of this page is a FAQ relative to the QTO and I would be happy to see it grow, based on your feedback.

The tasks inside the QTO are handled in the following manner:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are new tournaments processed?
A: Tournaments are processed using the following procedure:

Q: If there are enough players in the queue to build a new tournament, why don't you launch one?
A: Several players may be waiting in a queue, but this does not mean that they are all eligible to play together. This is because of the special constraints explained above (country, promotion, minimum average rating, etc.).

Q: What do I do if for any reason I can't contact my Tournament Secretary?
A: Send an email to the Quad Tournament Director , explaining the problem.

Q: I am rated 1050, so why have I been assigned to a QN tournament?
A: There is a difference between a provisional rating and a tournament entry rating (TER). Newcomers are given an initial rating of 800 if they have not previously been rated in the IECG or elsewhere. This 800 rating is used to determine which tournaments are available for that player, and this won't change until at least 15 games have been finished. So before a new player has 15 rated games with the IECG, the tournament entry possibilities are dictated by the initial rating (plus promotion tickets, if any). When 15 rated games have been completed, a player's provisional rating becomes his or her established rating and this is then used for tournament entry. In the case of a 1050 player, this is that player's provisional rating but 800 remains his or her TER until 15 games have been completed. A TER of 800 means a QN tournament.
(This explanation is of course equally valid for all groups and all initial ratings)

Q: How do I know when to start playing and what colour pieces I have?
A: You can start playing on the official tournament start date given in the Start List sent to you by your TS, or you can start at any time before this. You play two games against each opponent - one as Black, the other as White. You can send your first move as White to an opponent and then wait for his reply and for his first move as White, or you can wait until you receive his first move and then send your first move in both of your two games.

Q: Who are the Quad Tournament Secretaries?
A: The Quad Tournament Secretaries are people who do a lot of hard work for the IECG, and without them we wouldn't be able to run our tournaments. You will find the name and email address of your TS on your tournament Start List. Currently the Quad TS's are:

List subject to change

Jim Billsborough Michael James Jean-Luc Jelen Richard Kyllo Istvan Laczay
Allan Ong Keith Stuart Mauro Vio Rick Weggen Brian Wood

Last modified: 10 July 2006
Allan Ong

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